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A fortnight dedicated to loving and praying for schools nationwide

Love Our Schools is a national initiative of Pray for Schools which aims to encourage groups and individuals to set aside a time of prayer each day for their local schools.

We would love for you to join us in praying for the schools in the Stort Valley area - 44 primaries and 10 secondaries. In particular:-

  • Pray for staff who are still feeling the effects that lockdown and the pandemic in general have had on children & young people’s learning

  • Pray for those struggling to deal with grief and loss, particularly due to COVID

  • Give thanks for the opportunities that SVST has to support children and young people in school. Pray for those who we see as part of our listening & mentoring service

  • Pray that God would bring the right people to join the SVST Team, so that we can meet more of the needs that exist within school

  • Pray that God will show us all how He wants us to love, care for and serve local schools

  • Pray for wisdom for school leadership teams. Pray for boldness for Christian teachers & staff, particularly those in senior roles, that they would be confident in standing up for their faith in school

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