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Read about our Easter prayer stations, organised by young people

We had the absolute pleasure of supporting two superb teams of young leaders as they led their  schools through Easter reflection stations. The young leaders worked so incredibly hard and were an absolute  credit to their schools. They provided well planned and thought provoking activities around the theme of  Easter and Lent. To give you a taste…. 

Making an Easter Cross 

This station gave students the opportunity to think about the cross at  Easter. Students were encouraged to decorate the cross and focus on  one person that they wanted to pray for over Easter. Then every time  they held their cross, it would remind them to pray for that special  person, knowing God heard our prayers and that talking to Him  doesn't have to be complicated.  

Fear Tent  In the fear tent, students were encouraged to bring their fears and  worries before God. There were times leading up to Easter when the  disciples were scared, it's a normal thing to feel. The tent was set up  to be calm and soothing. Whilst in the tent students wrote or drew  their fears, worries or anxieties.  When they emerged from the tent the young leaders told them to  screw up the paper and throw it away. This was symbolic of leaving  these fears behind with God. They then watched bubbles floating  up again to symbolise those worries floating away upwards to God, knowing we can trust Him with them because He loves us. 

Sorry Stones We all do things wrong, that's just life. God knows we're not perfect because He knows what humans are like  but the things we do wrong often cause us to feel heavy, sad or burdened. The students wrote the thing they  were sorry for on the stone, held it whilst they prayed and then used the water to symbolise the washing  away of the thing written. 

Hopes & Dreams  

The Bible tells us that God has plans and purposes for our lives but He's really interested in our hopes and  dreams. Students were encouraged to draw or write them onto the rainbow cards and then leave them at the  foot of the cross, knowing God is faithful.  

Help Sticks All of us need help sometimes. Just before he was arrested, when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane,  he asked God to help him. Students spent time thinking about what they need help with? They then wrote or  drew their thoughts or prayers for help onto a lolly stick and planted it in the garden as a symbol of their  prayer.  

Praying for the World and Ukraine

In the Easter story, after Jesus had come back to life, he told his disciples to share his message, to heal the  sick, feed the hungry, to care for the poor. Jesus encouraged them to make the world a better place. Students  were encouraged to think about things in the world that don’t seem right. What could they do to make the  world a better place? What could God do? They then wrote those thoughts onto little flags and placed them  around the world. They also had the opportunity to pray for Ukraine and place a star onto the flag to denote  their prayer.  

As always, an exhausting day! Kt Haynes

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