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Children struggling with mental health problems during the pandemic are facing "agonisingly" long waits for treatment, a BBC investigation has found.

As people who love Jesus and young people we have to care about all aspects of their lives. We find ourselves nationally in the grip of a mental health crisis. With services sadly stretched beyond capacity and family facing 'agonising' waits before accessing services. Watching your child or young person struggle in this way is undescribably painful for parents and carers.

This matters to us at SVST. They matter to us. As ex teachers, youth workers, mentors and mental health first aiders we're working with primary and secondary schools to help wherever and however we can to be that extra layer of support or intervention that complements and bridges pastoral care. Blessing the school community right where the need is greatest. We know how vital this is and we're seeing the power of loving and listening at work.

You can read more about the crisis in this BBC News article. 

Want to know more about our work or how we could serve and support your school? Get in touch.

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