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Image by Kelly Sikkema


We are trained and experienced mentors, youthworkers and mental health first aiders. We see children and young people on a 1:1 basis for half an hour each week, offering a private but not confidential service.

Within this safe space, young people can share worries and anxieties and be heard. We liaise with schools, flagging issues as needed and signposting to other services as required. We adhere tightly to school safeguarding policies and practices.

"I'm so pleased my child received a place with SVST mentoring. It has been a huge support for them to know they have someone they can trust at school each week to offload too. Someone who will not judge them but just listens and cares."


"Young children seem to be facing more challenges than ever and having SVST in school means they have someone to whom they can share their worries. SVST has helped to give them strategies to cope and they always seem calmer and more positive following the sessions."


"You have time to hear my worries."


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