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"I thought it was lovely, it reminded me about the real meaning of Christmas"

Kt has been working with a fantastic group of primary school students to create a space for their fellow pupils to explore different Advent themes. Here she tells us more about how it was all put together:

On 1st December, a team of wonderful year 6’s led 200 or so pupils through 8 different well-planned reflections, allowing space and time to pause, be grateful and wonder. Each member of the team showed an abundance of patience, kindness and encouragement and were such a superb example of leadership, embodying the spirit of their school.

We loved working with these awesome human beings and we met together and worked collaboratively to solidify their ideas, the hard work, focus and determination to see the project through was theirs. The best words though don’t come from me but from these young leaders themselves as they paused to consider their hard work after the event!

“Seeing younger children enjoying the activities made me think more about Christmas…reading some of the comments made me overjoyed!”

(This leader was amazing with the KS1 children)

“I’ve loved teaching others a kind of lesson about Christmas”

(This leader was so patient)

“After we got through all the classes, I was exhausted because I was continually repeating myself! I realised what it must be like to be a teacher! It was exhausting but fun”

(This young leader showed determination and kindness)

“It was a valuable experience as I understood lots more about how other people feel. I felt I learnt how to explain myself”

(This young leader showed such resilience)

“I think it was an amazing and inspiring event and every young person in the nation should get to do it”

(This young leader had gusto and inspired)

“Running our station filled me with a joy that you may not comprehend and I’m so grateful for the opportunity”

(This young leader demonstrated true compassion)

“We were well supported, but we could decide”

(This young leader thrived with independence)

“My independence and resilience really grew through this; I feel really proud of what we did”

(This young leader had a chance to shine)

“It was good and important to take time to remember that not everyone has the same experience of Christmas as we do. We’re so lucky and it was good to stop and think of others and what we could do”

(This young leader took us deeper and caused us to pause)

“Thinking about the gifts we give at Christmas was great, just like the Wise Men gave gifts to Jesus but sometimes you can just give the best gift of love to someone”

(This young leader brought us back to the heart of it all!)

“I enjoyed working with others and Kt”

(This young leader displayed excellent teamwork)

“We had help throughout when we needed it…it was really good fun and nice to see everyone happy”

(This young leader learnt to ask for help and spotted joy in other)

“We all went for it and I have a bigger respect for teachers and a bigger passion for God,”

(This young leader grew in respect and faith)

“I loved everything about this experience, and I love Christmas,”

(This young leader found purpose and passion)

Their hard work and dedication led to some incredible feedback from other students:

"I thought it was lovely, it reminded me about the real meaning of Christmas. My favourite part was that it was fun but at the same time it was touching in my heart and helped me express my feelings"

"It was such a calming reflection time. It helped me to just stop and think. It was a really relaxing, amazing experience and I think it was just so nice to be there in that moment because I don't normally get much time to reflect on me, my life and my feelings"

“I loved the Advent trail because it was so nice for everyone to come together to share a lovely experience. All the activities had lovely meanings to them but my favourite one was about homelessness. It really made me reflect about how lucky and grateful I am. You all worked so hard, and I really appreciate it”

Cracking job team and a very Merry Christmas to you all.

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